Electric Vehicles – How you are Saving Gas and the Environment

Have you taken much thought to the car you're driving and its fuel emission impact on the environment? As more people become aware of gas as a depleting source releasing harmful toxins into the atmosphere, electric cars are popping up nationally. Not only are electric vehicles more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly, but they have proven to harbor performance benefits as well. Holding records for both speed and distance over land, electric vehicles in the early 20th century wowed consumers with rechargeable batteries, and a power/electric combination motor. It's easy to see why the Chinese government plans to have over 500,000 electric cars and public transportation vehicles on the road by 2015. Take a look at this detailed infographic to see why you should go green today.

Electric versus gas powered vehicles have been a topic of much heated debate within the last few decades; both fuel types have their ups and downs. Electric vehicles not only provide energy efficiency, converting up to 62% of the electrical energy from the grid to power at the wheel, but they also deliver smooth operation, stronger acceleration, and emit no tailpipe pollutants. However, if you're planning on purchasing an EV, consider it an investment— although the initial cost can run you up to $30,000, you'll be saving hundreds on gas and smog checks. On the other hand, most EV's can only go about 200 miles before needing to recharge, while their gasoline fueled counterparts can go over 300 miles before filling up again.

Consider the pros and cons of each, but once you've decided head over to any of your local car or Nissan dealerships to find the car that's right for you.

Electric Vehicle: How You Are Saving Gas and The Environment
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